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Functional Hypertrophy Block A + B Combo

Block A and B combined at a discounted price (10Euro Savings).

Functional hypertrophy is otherwise known as myfibril hypertrophy where the training goal is to increase both the size and number of sarcomeres which consist of myofibrils (this is different to body building hypertrohy training).

Hypertrophy is governed by mechanical stress + metabolic stress (induced by resistance training) and is also heavily reliant on nutritional strategies (i.e calorie surplus + adequate protein intake). This programme is designed to achieve the following goals through the manipulation of the training varibales to help reach this goal.

Block 1 has a heavy focus on eccentric strength while the second training block advances towards more isometric strength work (moving away from eccentric strength from block 1). The goals of the programme remain very similar in both blocls but the training variables and exericses change considerably. 

Upon completion of both blocks a change of traning focus to explosive stength and power is highly advised to maximise the training gains. 

1. Programme Primary Goals - Increase muscle mass while focusing on neural and muscular adaptations - key to sporting imrpovements. Improve movement quality, competency and efficiency. 

2. Programme Secondary Goal - Increase neuromuscular strength and power.

3. Tertiary Goal - Become more resiliant and reduce injury risk.   

4. Who is it for? - Persons with 1+ years training age who are familiar with lifting but need more guidance. Also suitable for field sport athletes who are in the off-season. 

5. If you have any more questions feel free to ask -

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