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Shakespeare. The Last Dilemma

After the tragic death of his wife Renata in the Aspromonte mountains, detective Marchese decides to retire from the police.

Nothing is the same as before. He no longer believes in justice and in the values of the institutions. He is tired of fighting for an absent state, where the interests of the few had the upper hand over justice and legality; a state that does not protect the police and indeed, hinders them.

Too many were the innocents who had lost their lives.

Marchese had not worked for two years. He had spent that time looking for his wife's murderer, his life had been spent in total isolation, in a small cottage on the beach of Mortelle, just outside Messina.

He has been replaced by his deputy Torchia. The two are very good friends and formed a great team before that tragic event. They had always maintained a good relationship. Marchese was shrewd, intuitive and charismatic.

Torchia was his number two.

Messina is criss-crossed by a new trail of blood. Five unexplained murders of young women are shaking the community. No apparent connection between the victims. Nothing ties them, except the fact that they were women.

Torchia can not figure it out, institutions need answers that he can not give and Marchese is the only one able to really help him.

Therefore, Marchese decides to help his friend. The investigation continues at a fast pace, nothing is left to chance, the killer begins to feel hunted, persecuted, with no way out. He wants to kill that nosy detective who is taking the scene away from him. His mission is about to finish, one more woman to be killed and then we will take possession of what is precious to his boss, the last piece of the Origin, the last letter, the last evidence. He will accomplish his task and then will be richly rewarded.

Capra is a journalist with no scruples, no mercy and no heart who lives for success and fame. He has never gone along with Marchese, they have two different characters but maybe he is the only person who can help the two detectives in the investigation. They need to have access to his TV station to warn the next potential victim, the holder of the last letter. In fact, the common thread linking all the victims is their passion for the famous playwright William Shakespeare and his alleged Messina origins. The killer is looking for the letters written by the young Michelangelo Florio to his old mentor in Messina, after he fled to England in 1578 because of Christian persecutions against Calvin's followers. Once there, he took his mother’s name Guglielma Crollalanza and translated it into William Shakespeare. The letters had been kept for centuries in the secret niche of the cathedral of the city and six of them had been stolen during the Second World War conflict.

The collaboration between Capra and Marchese draws out the killer but, during a firefight, Torchia looses his life and the killer is shot to death by the British Security Service.

Another murder, another mourning, another funeral.

Detective Torchia dies in an attempt to solve the mystery of the Origins and find the murderer of six young women linked by the passion for the famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Mark Connel was a contract killer hired by a powerful businessman, the head of an English organization that for years had been trying to take possession of the treasures of the British Crown. The six letters testifying Shakespeare’s Messina origins had been recovered by the English Security Service but the rest of them, in the attempt to be transferred from the cathedral of Messina to the Vatican, had disappeared and the bishop that had them in custody had been found dead.

The British Secret Service has now to protect and preserve that secret that could embarrass the Crown and upset balances established with the Catholic Church.

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