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Self Suck Autofellatio Guide to Best Orgasm Ever. Master Selfsucking

😁Private Purchase - Adults Only - Human Sexuality - 18+ 👍

This info shows pre & post exercises, positions, that best support the physically demanding activity of "reaching" yourself to selfsuck the best orgasm EVER.

If your 'short', amazingly, a few tweaks in position and warmup exercisesvyou'll find it's possible and mind-blowing!

Once you can satisfy yourself more fully, you may become more relaxed and not "needy", finding better success in making connections to those you're attracted to. OR, just satisfy yourself and go on with your day!

Below is some info on the what, when, how of Autofellatio (that are found in the ebook):

3 Steps to Autofellatio - Suck Yourself Quickly, Easily, Safely.
Flexibility secrets to self sucking autofellatio. A comprehensive guide as quick or detailed as you'd like, to enhance your own male self-pleasure as safely and quickly as possible.

What are your chances of being able to do this?

  • Motivation:
    If you like to masturbate, even just sometimes, combining it with autofellatio can enhance the experience by a very long shot. This will give you the motivation needed to work with your body enough to where you can do this to a level much more enjoyable than masturbation.
  • Health:
    Every part of this autofellatio experience is targeted towards bodily and mental health. Being able to better understand your own sexuality, and performed all the actual desires that you have, you will be healthier. By working towards naturally allowing your body to do this, your body will be in better physical condition than before. Most exercise routines are boring and dull, but working towards giving yourself massive pleasure will get you an awesome workout beating any routine, using the Workout Manual.
  • Flexibility:
    I am a guy, obviously, but have always been able to touch to my toes perhaps slightly more than most guys. It never was a huge amount, I was never double jointed, and never was a contortionist or spent a lot of time stretching. I have actually spent most of my time doing jobs are required sitting at a desk a lot. So none of these things have made me any more flexible. But as of now, after performing the startup routine in the Manual here, I can reach my mouth to the base of my pelvis. Obviously, you should know what this means if you have ever been deepthroated by a lover.
  • Size:
    As of now, and sometimes since teenage years, my length is slightly more than 5 1/2 inches. On a good day, I can reach all but the last inch. SO: If you’re more than 1”, I say you’ll be able to reach it!
  • Sexuality:
    Major studies that have been done to test the level of gender attraction in most people show that the mass majority of people are not absolutely heterosexual. Odds are you are one of these people that were not completely heterosexual. So the only thing left is, do you have the confidence to experiment with the natural and normal desires that you have? By experimenting and enjoying your own body, any natural judgment of this would be that it has a heterosexual experience anyway.
    So, all of these things have affected me to varying degrees. But, I am able to autofellate with definite success. Of course, once you get to the point where you can "feel" your improvement, things begin to get a lot more interesting and fun. 

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