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P A Wilson. 

A blood ritual demands a life to save a people. Can Madeline forgive the past enough to save her nemesis?

Madeline’s nemesis from the law firm has been snatched through the veils between the realms, and she's landed in the hands of a people known as the Choi.

Was it Madeline’s spell gone awry that brought her? Guilt pushes her to make it right.

Skye Greatmother knows that her people, the Choi, face extinction without the ritual. She’s betting the future of her people on the blood power of a strange woman from a foreign land.

For the Choi to live, someone has to die, and if Madeline can't figure out another way, it's going to be Lee — or Madeline herself.

If you enjoy stories of survival, forgiveness, and magic, you’ll love this second book in The Madeline Journeys.

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