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Chronicle: Mere Uprising book 2 MOBI

Calliah's life just does not get any easier with the awakening of the powers belonging to the 12 Olympians at her Bloom Celebration. The celebration was supposed to honor her as the only member of Chronicle to possess all the powers of Olympus. Instead, it ended with Emily disappearing and Calliah feeling certain it was at the hand of Zeus.Despite the objections of Cole and Quinn, Calliah decides a rescue mission is her only option and enlists the aid of the legendary and cursed immortal, Pandora. With the Meres growing restless, and the warrior class of Mermaids ready to begin a war over Emily being kidnapped by Zeus, Calliah, Cole, and Quinn must act quickly to save not only Emily but also the remnants of Atlantis from further destruction. Calliah must cross the river Styx and travel to Acheron, the deepest level of Tartarus, to meet the first primordial Goddess Nyx in the hopes she can help them find the only item that can break the magic protecting the gates of Olympus, namely the Silver Bow of Artemis.Time is running out as the Sea Witches known as the Telchines,unite to destroy everything in their path to save the beautiful Mermaid named Emily. As her plan slowly unravels,
and is impeded by the Gods at every turn, Calliah quickly learns the Olympians only serve themselves. With promises made along the way to reach the home of Zeus, Pandora and Calliah quickly learn that no one can be trusted and what they thought was the truth is nothing more than an elaborate lie woven centuries ago.

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