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Marketing and Sales Strategy Session

🕓Ok y'all, it's time now.🕓

For what? 🤔

Well for one, for you to stop 🛑doing the unnecessary, unproductive, time wasting activities you're doing in your business. That's costing you 💰💰.

And for you to start implementing EXACTLY what you need to do in order for you to make the income you desire and the impact you want!

If you're tired of chasing clients. Tired of trying to figure it all out?
Well here it is. Your solution.

It's to help you create plans for your goals and strategies to execute the plan. It's all about making sure you walk the walk, not just talk the talk when it comes to your business!

In this 3 hour session we:

☑️Make sure you know your customer profile
☑️Create action plans you can do weekly and monthly to generate qualified leads
☑️Create a marketing strategy for your social media using 4 basic steps
☑️Show you and help set up the best tools for automating your marketing and sales
☑️Create a marketing campaign that includes 1 ad campaign, 10 emails, and 5 creatives
☑️Show you how to show up consistently for your audience everyday without feeling burnout, overwhelmed or forced
☑️Create at least one additional passive income stream into your business

Also,You need to know a lot of numbers when it comes to pricing and booking for your services.

•What do you want/need to make monthly in your business to cover your bills, have a decent profit for reinvesting and to pay yourself?

•How many units/packages do you need to sell at what price to get that number?

•How many clients is that?

•Can you take on 10 clients a month and reach that goal or do you need more or less? More clients means more work. Less customers at a premium price mean you make your profit goal but not working more.

•Do you have any products/services you can upsell or crossell them on to fill in the income gaps each month and quarter?

•Who, what, where and how are you going to sell your services?

 It's time to get serious yesterday! If you need help creating your profit plan and sales strategy book your session today!

This service also comes with a copy of our Passive Income Workbook! (Normally $17)

You will get a PDF (352KB) file

$ 447.00

$ 447.00

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