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Crystal Grid Magick

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Crystal Grid Printable Pages; crystal magick Book of Shadows Pages featuring Sacred Geometry and printable crystal grid templates.
Witchy Printable Pages, original and well researched for all beginner witches and baby witches.

Guide to crystal grids, sacred geometry and a selection of 10 printable grid templates. These witchy printable pages are perfect for your Book of Shadows. Crystal Grid Magick printable PDF pages. Ideal to add to your witchcraft Grimoire.

This crystal printable workbook provides a brief introduction to Crystal gridding, making it a bitesize starting point if you're new to crystal magick.

The Book of Shadows is one of the most important tools to a witch; it contains all of the knowledge and information that helps you grow in your craft and this Crystal grid printable guide teaches you the basics, from baby witch to seasoned pro.

These 19 witchy printable pages for your grimoire contain a well researched and thoughtfully written introduction to Sacred Geometry and how it interacts with the magic of crystals.

You will receive the following grimoire pages:
-Introduction to Sacred Geometry and crystals
-How to cleanse your crystals
-Guide to sacred geometry grids (2 pages)
-How to lay out a crystal grid
-Glossary of crystal shape and colour meanings
-Crystal meanings (2 pages)
-Blank crystal meaning sheet to record your own observations
-10 printable sacred geometry grid templates

The files you download will be high quality, the versions in the listing have been scaled down.
Black and white, you can colour in the images as you desire. Designed for easy printing on standard home printers thanks to the ink saving design.

Suitable for you to print at home as a PDF. You will be able to access two files, one containing an A4 format for the UK & Europe, and one containing US Letter 8.5 x 11".
You will receive 19 unique, original BOS pages that contains a basic framework of information regarding how to do crystal magick.

Suitable for UK and USA witches, these Book of Shadows printable pages are for personal use only and are not to be resold.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (30MB)
  • PDF (27MB)
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