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Have you ever wondered why affairs happen in the first place? Do you think you are missing out on true love and expect the grass to be greener on the other side?

Most people in relationships want to have as much fun as they can get. However, your marriage may be falling apart because your partner is looking outside the relationship to gain more satisfaction he or she feels is not getting at the moment.

You may already know your other half is contemplating an affair, get them to read this post as soon as possible. If your other half has committed an affair, let this be the point where we can start addressing the problems within your relationship.

Marriage: An All-Encompassing Partnership

Your reading this because you have been the victim of your partner having an affair. I'm sure you asked yourself "Why me?" You know you have given your partner all that you had to give and wondered what more could you offer.

To be honest the majority of relationship don't supply 100% of each individual's needs, 100% of the time. Just look at your close friendships: They don't have any of the pressures or expectations that marriage comes with. Real friendships are relaxed and fun: going out for meals, watching a movie, meeting up for a drink, enjoying each others company. There are no boundaries but honesty and trust.

But a marriage is a real partnership that comes a lot with it. It's a relationship that involves work with a lot of fun too. Here are some of the expectations that come with a relationship with your partner:

Sex and closeness - Whatever mood you are in. 
Management of the house (cleaning/chores, paying bills, cooking, shopping) 
Looking after children 
Involvement of partners parents. 
Social planning 
Emotional support from your partner

With all that comes with marriage, you also have to consider the job you hold which carries a lot of responsibility and expectations. Life can be stressful at all levels, and there are many times throughout your relationship where you cannot give 100% in all areas, all the time.

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