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The Thai Handbook (ebook edition)

The Thai Handbook is a comprehensive guide to Thai conversation and grammar featuring the basic vocabulary and phrases needed in daily interaction with Thai speakers. Based on numerous examples of dialogue, the book systematically introduces practical phrases that are useful in most situations of everyday life, and step by step explains the relevant grammar that enables you to start constructing sentences more freely.

The book also contains a thorough guide to pronunciation of the consonants, vowels and tones plus the available audio files enable you to practice how to pronunciate the vocabulary and phrases. In addition, the book has plenty of exercises designed to help you master the tones and apply the grammar correctly. All of these features makes The Thai Handbook an ideal choice as your first textbook, and by following the instructions and using the audio you can learn how to speak Thai at an intermediate level with minimal supervision of an instructor.

No prior knowledge of the Thai language is required and the book aims to give you the necessary spoken proficiency before moving on to learn the Thai alphabet and writing system.

The book contains:

  • An introduction to the Thai language, including its structure, the consonant and vowel sounds, tones, and the phonetic script used to transcribe the dialogues in the book.
  • vocabulary of more than 600 words used in the most common patterns of asking and answering questions, based on approximately 200 examples of dialogue and 180 expressions.
  • Eleven lessons featuring useful phrases and vocabulary based on relevant topics, including presentation, family and relations, asking for directions, shopping, time expressions and telling time, dining and eating out, visiting, travelling and much more.
  • More than 300 audio files (embedded in the ebook).
  • Listening, pronunciation and translation exercises with answers provided in the checklist in the back of the book.
  • Four texts (in phonetic script and audio) with questions and answers suitable for reviewing the 11 lessons of the book.
  • Sixteen appendices summarising the essential vocabulary for ease of reference (WH- question words, personal pronouns, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, etc.)
  • An index containing entries to the featured vocabulary and topics.
  • Approximately 180 footnotes, including many notes on Thai society and culture.


Book Details

The Thai Handbook by Christian Stampe Jensen, published by Thai Language Academy.

240 pages, including introduction, appendices and index.

ISBN.: 978-87-996054-46 (ebook edition).

File size 5 MB (audio files must be downloaded separately).

The Thai Handbook is also available in print (paperback).

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