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Emma Spaulding Paranormal Detective: Djinn

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In Hemisphere, anything can happen, and something always does. 

But that doesn't mean Kaitlinn Gardner doesn't get bored. Sitting in her messy house, unable to find the T.V remote, or even her smart phone, she sees an ad in the middle of all the clutter.

An ad for a game. 

But this isn't like any other game Kaitlinn ever played and before she knows it, she's got troubles way beyond piles of dirty laundry. 

She's let a genie loose in Hemisphere and this genie is granting wishes.

What could be wrong with everybody getting what they want, right? That's what Kaitlinn thought. Only this genie is called a Djinn and while she gives you exactly what you want, it's not necessarily in the way you want it. 

Sounds like a job for Emma Spaulding: Paranormal Detective. Emma isn't on anybody's wish list and not who anybody wants. But she is exactly what Hemisphere needs. 

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