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Most of the forms can be edited in Microsoft Word.
If it is a .png file. You need to use a program such as Adobe Fireworks to open
and edit the form. Please read below for
more information regarding the editing
of .png files.
To edit the text:
To edit the forms, such as Doctor’s name and phone number. Simply place your
cursor where you would like to make the change and type over the current
template information.
To add
text to a template.
Click the area you would like to add text. A text box should appear, and if there
is text already there...Just replace it with your text. Make the changes you would
like. If no text box appears when clicking the area you want to add/e
dit text. Click
on Insert in the Word tool bar located at the top. Click Text Box. Move the text
box wherever you would like on the form and type in your text. Be sure to hide
the border that automatically appears when you add a text box. To do this,
uble click the Text Box. Click Colors and Lines box. In the Fill area. Click
Color. Click No Fill. And Check the Semi
transparent Box. In the Line area.
Click Color. Click No Line. Click OK.
Insurance Card & Utility templates
are available in
both Microsoft Word and,
PNG format for editing.
If you are not familiar with a .PNG file. Don’t worry.
A (.PNG) file is simply another program someone can use instead of Word to edit
the forms. In order for certain forms to look like the real thing..
A .PNG file
format was used.
Editing a .PNG file:
They can be opened and edited with
Adobe Fireworks,
as they are a .
PNG file
you do not have
You can download a free trial at
Download Adobe Fireworks
There should be no problem installing the
free trial program
Open Adobe Fire
works on your computer.
Once you have it open.
Click on
Then click on OPEN.
Find the Novelty Insurance Card file you saved on
your on it... and it will open in the Adobe Fireworks program.
Once you have the Insurance Card file
open in Fireworks.... you then click on the
areas you want to edit.
Put your cursor where you want to edit the information
and backspace it to erase the "xxx"'s
And then type in your info.
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
OF USE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is an
agreement between A.B. Pro
. ("Company") and
(collectively, our "Website") and the party set forth ("Customer" or "you")
incorporated herein by this reference (together with any subsequent order forms
submitted by Custom
er, the "Order") and applies to the purchase of all services
ordered by Customer (collectively, the "Services") and all products ordered by
the Customer (collectively, the "Products"). The parties understand, acknowledge
and agree that this is an online ag
reement, which is being entered into in
conjunction with the Order.
The Terms & Conditions posted on this page are required to fully understand if
you choose to make a purchase using our site (
). This policy
acts as protection for both and its customers, to prevent
any misunderstandings.' services may only be used for
lawful purposes. provides services to adults engaged in
legal activitie
The products of
cannot be used for any illegal
If it is discovered that a customer is using the products of
for an illegal purpose, the customer will be denie
d further access to our
company’s services and products.
If the management of observes any criminally suspicious
activities, these activities will be immediately reported to the proper authorities. will not be held
liable if a product, form, or service doesn't
serve its desired purpose. No warranty for reaching the objective can be given.
The client acts on own risk. carries out its products and services using the information
received from the c
lient. Any reliance upon any product or service shall be at
client's sole risk. reserves the right, in its sole discretion
and without any obligation, to change any portion of any product or service in
order to make improvements or corre
ct any errors or omissions. will not be held liable for the quality of the product or
service, nor for any losses or circumstances arising from lack of service
continuity. No liability can be accepted for the accuracy of the analysis,
or the
use, or misuse, of the information provided. is not responsible for payment processing problems, server
errors, and other circumstances beyond our control. After the customer
purchases our products, a download like will be provi
ded. Downloads are
restricted by number of attempts and time period. The download link will be good
for a period of 30 days and/or 20 downloads (whichever comes first). The
customer may request access to the expired download link at any time
NoveltyExcu offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If our product does
not perform exactly the way in which we have described it to you, just simply
contact us within 365 days to request a prompt refund for your purchase.
Our forms are 100% adjustable and so
, the final presentation is in complete
control of the buyer themselves and therefore, You agree not to use our services
to propagate any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene,
offensive, indecent, pornographic, profane, or otherwis
e objectionable
information of any kind, including without limitation any endorsement constituting
or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil
liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, federal or internationa
l law, including
without limitation the U.S. export control laws and regulations, and laws
protecting intellectual property including copyright, trademark, trade secret,
misappropriation and anti
dilution laws. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold
less, A.B. Pro. And its employees from any and all
legal action, liability, penalties, losses, damages, costs, expenses, attorneys'
fees, causes of action or claims caused by or resulting indirectly from your use of
our products and serv
ices which damages either you,, or
any other party or parties without limitation or exception. This indemnification and
hold harmless agreement extends to all issues associated with your account or
requested products and services.
Nove makes no warranties or representations of any kind for the
services being offered, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for any
purpose. You agree not to hold or A.B. Pro. responsible for
any loss you suffer
as a result of using our products and services, including but
not limited to loss resulting from service delays and incomplete or interrupted
products and services, regardless of cause. reserves the right to cancel your order for any r
eason and
at any time. You agree that we have the right to fully cooperate in any legal
investigation regarding any aspect of our products and services, including
products and services sold to you. You agree that the terms and conditions of
this contract e
xtend to any party you give access to your products you purchased
from and you are ultimately responsible for the results and
actions of such parties. You agree to supply a current and truthful name, postal
address, and telephone number
for our records. You also confirm that you are an
authorized user of any credit card that you supply to us, and that you are 18
years of age or older. This contract supersedes any written, electronic, or oral
communication you may have had with NoveltyExcu or any
representative thereof.
You must read and agree to the following
before purchasing our
Although our products look extremely authentic, they are for
educational/entertainment use only. We are not responsible for misuse of our
products. Please use our products with caution and care. We do not encourage
illegal use of summons forms, insurance
cards or doctor's excuse notes and this
is not intended to substitute the advice of legal council. The products mentioned
on this site did not require FDA evaluation or approval and there is no guarantee
as to the outcome of their use.
You (the customer)
will accept full responsibility for your actions, which involves
the use of our products.
The responsibility of using any such item purchased from us lies solely with the
customer. The provider will not be responsible for any such acts committed by
the c
ustomer and cannot be held liable.
You (the customer) understand and accept that all documents created by or
purchased from this organization are only to be used as novelty items. If in any
case documents purchased are used in any fraudulent manner, you w
ill take sole
responsibility for your actions.
You (the customer) accept full responsibility for any legal issues that might occur
with regard to the laws and statutes of your country, due to importation and use
of item produced by or bought from noveltye
Any item sold or issued by us are not authentic doctor’s notes, summons forms,
car insurance cards, utility bills, pay stubs or other documents from any hospital,
clinic or government institution. They are only to be used as novelty items for
gags gifts and are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. The use of these
items for any other purpose is strongly condemned by us.
We are not affiliated with any hospital, clinic, or governmental association. We
are an independent third party organization.
e do not provide any warranties of merchantability for a particular purpose or
infringement and will not take responsibility for any damages or losses
suffered by the bearer.
Terms and Condit
mentioned above are legally binding in a
court of law and you MUST agree to them before purchasing our products. We
strictly prohibit the use of our products in any illegal activiti
We advise you to check with federal, country, state and local laws before placing
an order and to place an order only if you have understood the terms and
conditions and agree to abide by them.
Any mentioning of "Job"
"School" on our site i
s not intended to be your
employment institution or your "educational institution". These notes are for
novelty use only.
The institution names, the professional's names and professional's signatures
found on our notes is purely a work of fiction and art
We do not condone intentional false absence from work or school.
values the users of our website (the "Website"). Your
privacy and trust are very important to us. We recognize that you may
concerned about our collection, use, and disclosure of the personally identifiable
information ("Personal Information") that we collect when you use the Website
and the services offered on the Website (" Services"). This
Privacy Policy
describes the information that we collect from you, how we collect
this information, and what we do with it after we collect it. By using the Website
you are accepting the practices described
in this Privacy Policy. If you have any
questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at
We reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy at
any time. You will
be responsible to check our policy from time to time, if you are concerned about
any changes that we may have made. We ask that you always check our Privacy
Policy carefully to make sure you fully understand our practices and procedures
Personal Information. We collect Personal Information that you provide to us,
such as your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, credit card
number, and financial information. All of this information is collected in our online
ordering fo
Personal Information. We also collect non
personal information from you,
such as your browser type, the URL of the previous website you visited, your
ISP, operating system, and your Internet protocol (IP) Address ("Non
Information"). Non
Personal Information cannot be easily used to personally
identify you.
Providing Information to Us. We collect Personal Information from you when you
provide it to us. For example, if you purchase a product sold through our online
shop, we may collect y
our name, mailing address, telephone number, credit card
number, and email address. If you create a online member of affiliate Account,
we may collect your name, tax identification number, mailing address, email
address, and other information that we reque
st during the registration process,
and any information that you provide on your account. If
you sign up to receive a newsletter, we will collect your email address.
Communications With Us. If you communicate with us regarding the Webs
ite or
the Services, we will collect any information that you
provide to us in any such communication.
Analytic and Reporting Technologies. Like the operators of most websites, we
use analytic and reporting technologies to record Non
ersonal Information such
as Internet domain and host names, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser
software, operating system types, click stream patterns, and the dates and times
that the Website and the Services are accessed. We als
contract with several online partners to help manage, monitor and optimize our
Website and the Services and to help us measure the
effectiveness of our advertising, communications and how visitors use the
Website. To do this, we may us
e web beacons and cookies.
Personal Information. (Our Use) We use Personal Information primarily for our
own internal purposes, such as providing, maintaining, evaluating, and improving
the Services and the Website, fulfilling requests
information, producing and shipping the products that you order, and providing
customer support. For example, if you create a member account, we will use the
information that you provide us to communicate with you and pay you any
commissions that you
earn. Similarly, if you sign up to receive a newsletter, we will use the email address you provide to
send you the newsletters.
Personal Information. (Our Use) We use Non
Personal Information to track
the use of the Website and the Services and for other
internal purposes, such as providing, maintaining, evaluating, and improving the Services and the Website.
None of your information will ever be given to a 3rd party.
Disclosure to Unaffilia
ted Third Parties. We may disclose your Personal
Information to prevent an emergency, to prevent harm to others, to respond to
legal requirements, to protect or enforce our rights and policies, to protect or
enforce the rights of a third party, or as requi
red or permitted by law (including,
without limitation, to comply with a subpoena or court order). In particular, if you
are a member, we may disclose your information to a third party that alleges that
you have infringed their intellectual property rights
through the products sold
through your Shop. Similarly, if you allege that a Shopkeeper is infringing upon
your intellectual property rights, we may disclose your information to that
Disclosure to Third Party Service Providers and Online Par
tners. We may
contract with various third parties who help us provide, maintain and improve the
Website and the Services. For example, we use a third
party to process payments made to us, and may subcontract out production,
analytics, reporting or other operations. We also contract with several
online partners to help manage, monitor and optimize our Website and the Services and to help us measure the effectiveness of our
advertising, communications and how
visitors use the Website. We will use
commercially reasonable efforts to prevent such third parties from disclosing your
Personal Information, except for the purpose of providing the services in
question. We cannot guarantee that such third parties will n
ot disclose your
Personal Information.
Disclosure to Shopkeepers. If you purchase a product from a Shop, may provide your name, and the city and state information
provided by you to the Shopkeeper. In the Shopkeeper Agreement,
Noveltye contractually obligates each Shopkeeper not to use or
disclose this information for any purposes other than internal record keeping, and
for marketing their Shops, only if you have opted in to receive marketing material
directly from the Shopkee
per. We cannot guarantee all Shopkeepers will comply
with this obligation.
Disclosure of Non
Personal Information. We will disclose Non
Information, in aggregate form, to potential strategic partners, advertisers,
investors, customers, and other
s. You may not opt
out of the sharing of this
information. However, it cannot be easily used to identify you personally.
Cookies and Web Beacons
A cookie is a small file placed on the hard drive of your computer. Most websites
use cookies. We use cookie
s to track your use of the Website and the Services, provide you with a more personalized user
experience, and to allow you to login and begin use of the
Services automatically when you visit the Website.
A web beaco
n is an often
transparent graphic image, usually no larger than a
1x1 pixel that is placed on a web page or in an e
mail that is used to monitor the
behavior of the user visiting the Website or receiving the e
Cookies and web beacons used by Novelt and our online partners
are not linked to Personal Information. Some of our Shopkeepers may use
cookies or web beacons on our Website. We have no access to or control over
these cookies and web beacons. This Privacy Policy covers the use of co
and web beacons by and our online partners only and does
not cover the use of cookies or web beacons by any other third party,
Shopkeeper or advertiser.
Personal Information. Whenever we obtain your Personal Information, we use
ommercially reasonable efforts to protect it from unauthorized access or
disclosure. However, we are not insurers of the security of your Personal
Information. Accordingly, we assume no liability for any disclosure of data due to
errors in transmission, un
authorized third party access or other acts of third
parties, or acts or omissions beyond our reasonable control.
Website Content. The content that you store, post, or transmit on or through the
Website, such as message board postings, storefront pages,
and images on your
Products, may be accessed by other users, including people that you do not
know. We are not responsible for the actions of others. Therefore, you should
use care in communicating with other users and only disclose your Personal
on to other users that you know to be trustworthy. You should not
assume that your content would be kept private.
If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about the Website or the Services, we will ask
you for your friend's name and email
address. We will automatically send your friend a one
time email inviting him or
her to visit the Website. We store this information for the sole purpose of sending
this one
time email and tracking the success of our r
eferral program.
The security of your Personal Information is important to us. When you enter
sensitive information such as a credit card number and/or social security number
on our registration or order forms, we encrypt that information usin
g secure
socket layer technology (SSL).
We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal
Information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.
However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method
of electronic
storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially
acceptable means to protect your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee its
absolute security.
You may be able to access third party websites directly from our Websi
te. This
Privacy Policy does not apply when you access third party websites. We cannot
control how third parties may use Personal Information you disclose to them, so
you should carefully review the privacy policy of any third party website you visit
e using it or disclosing your Personal Information to its provider.
Children's Privacy
Under Thirteen. The
Services are intended for users ages
13 and older only. Accordingly, we will not kn
owingly collect or use any Personal
Information from children that we know to be under the age of 13. In addition, we
will delete any information in our database that we know originates from a child
under the age of 13.
Thirteen to Seventeen. Prospective
users between the ages of 13 and 17 can
only use the
Services under their parents or legal
guardian's supervision. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you, your
parent, or your legal gua
rdian may request that we deactivate any of your
Personal Information in our database and/or opt
out from receiving
communications from us. If you wish to do so, please contact us at
If you are concerned about any details that you placed through our site and want
them immediately removed, once your order is completed, please contact us at

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