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Night Sweats Help

Do you have anyone or more of the following conditions?

1. Nocturnal Hyperhidrosis – NO

2. Heart Conditions – NO

3. Menopause or Andropause – NO

4. Diabetes Mellitus (Type I or Type II) – NO

5. Hypoglycemia – NO

6. Hyperthyroidism – NO

7. Fibromyalgia – NO

8. Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis – NO

9. Tuberculosis – NO

10. Sleep Apnea – NO

11. Stroke – NO

12. HIV and AIDS – NO

13. Stress and Anxiety – NO

14. Depression – NO

15. Any Neurologic Conditions – NO

16. Cancer – NO

17. Lymphoma – NO

If you have answered ‘YES’ to anyone of the listed conditions, then it is better that you consult your Doctor for help in diagnoses and treatment. You are however welcome to continue reading here for interest sake. If you do suffer from Menopause or Andropause, it would be great to have you try out what I have found to help me, and I’d really like to hear from you if you are getting any positive results as well!

Hi there, my name is Sydney.

I have suffered from NIGHT SWEATS for more than 5 years, but I’m fortunate enough to be able to answer NO to all of the 17 conditions above, which is actually great news, but this presents me with a problem as to why do I suffer from NIGHT SWEATS! I also see that my three year old daughter has similar symptoms and I have nowhere to go for help!

If you have not suffered from NIGHT SWEATS then you won’t really be able to understand, how difficult this condition is and how frustrating it can be. This is what I have done over the years to try solve my problem...

1. I have been to all sorts of Doctors across the country, paid a lot of money for their consultations.

2. I have had multiple blood tests done.

3. I have had all sorts of physical scans and x-rays done.

4. I have taken all sorts of health supplements.

5. I have changed my chronic medication for my high blood pressure more than once.

6. I have looked at my diet and what I drink.

7. I have taken cold showers before going to bed.

8. I have changed the covers on our bed to natural fibers.

9. I have slept on the floor.

10. I have slept just under a cotton sheet.

11. I have changed my pajamas to natural fibers.

12. I have slept in shorts only.

13. I have slept with the windows open and curtains drawn back.

14. I have slept under a damp towel.

15. I have slept in chair outside on the patio.

I think I have also tried some ‘Old Wives Remedies’ as well! If you have been through what I have, you will know that NIGHT SWEATS affects your sleep patterns drastically, and you just can’t handle it any longer because there is no such thing as a good night’s sleep, no matter what. We all know that people with bad sleeping patterns and not enough sleep, begin to suffer from other conditions like insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, tension and mood swings just to mention a few. And if you have suffered with NIGHT SWEATS for years it becomes a serious issue in your life!

Eventually, all I wanted was to be able to sleep well again, but I couldn’t find any solutions from any of the Doctors and other medical practitioners that I consulted over the years. I searched the internet for months, and read many articles and stories, but I just could not identify with anything that I found in any of the English search results on the internet.

Then one night in early 2016, by accident I did something as I climbed in to bed and when I looked again, it was morning and I had slept all night without waking once because of NIGHT SWEATS! This was ABSOLUTLY AWESOME because my clothes and bedding were dry and I felt great because of a good night’s sleep! Now you can imagine, I was so grateful for the sleep and rest that night, but I now had another problem! What did I do that helped me to sleep so well?! I had to remember and figure out exactly what I did and if I could do it again to get the same results, so for the next few months every night was an experiment and I discovered a number of things that I can control and do, which would result in a good and dry night’s sleep!

Now if you are suffering from NIGHT SWEATS, and you have been to your Doctor and they have confirmed that you are not suffering from any of the 17 conditions that I listed above, or more, and you believe that you are in relative good health, then you may benefit from a number of simple solutions that I have discovered, since the accidental discovery I made in early 2016. If you are not sure about the 17 conditions, then I recommend that you visit and read through this website for more information: but otherwise continue reading to find out more…

I’m not a Doctor, I’m an Engineer, and so the solutions that I discovered and use daily, I have taken them and written an e-book to try and help other people that may be suffering from the same. The solutions that I share and describe in the e-book are extremely practical and cheap, but the main thing is that they work for me. It has now been more than six months since I have structured everything that I discovered and began applying them, and I can confidently say that my NIGHT SWEATS are under control. I say control because if I don’t apply what I have discovered every night, then the NIGHT SWEATS begin again within minutes of me falling asleep! I can get so mad with myself if I forget to do what I need to before getting into bed, and the NIGHT SWEATS wake me up!

It is very important to note that I take NO medication whatsoever to control my NIGHT SWEATS. I just do a few things before I climb into bed, and so long as I do these things I have a relatively normal night’s sleep, considering I have a baby and a toddler in house as well. 

SO, if you are suffering from NIGHT SWEATS and can relate to what I have written, then I highly recommend that you buy my e-book. It is short, it has clear photos and I have tried my best to explain in detail what I have discovered and what actually works for me and my three year old daughter. The solutions may not work exactly the same for you, but it could help you to discover your own practical solutions for you, so that you can have a good night’s sleep every night again.

I offer a 30 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on my e-book, so you have nothing to lose if my simple solutions don’t help you, but if they do then this is a small investment that could help you to get more dry and uninterrupted sleep than what you are getting now, and that is “PRICELESS”.

Sleep tight,


NB: It has now been more than six months and I can confidently say that my NIGHT SWEATS are under control! July 2017

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