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Help your Precinct Chair by Establishing Teams

Precinct Team Building

TFSP Advance Precinct Team Building course is designed to get you and your neighbors active in the political process.

Train in the comfort of your home or office and get the steps to increase voter turnout and find new candidates where you live.

Precinct teams across Texas is how to activate replacing career politicians.

Course Curriculum

Instructor, Robert West / Each training course includes video lesson with download printables.

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Advance Precinct Team Course

Advance Precinct Team Building is $25 for all four trainings.  This includes video and printable materials for each lesson.  You will gain access after checkout and account is created. No Returns, Thank you!

Carmen C.

 I am a precinct chair in Harris County, Texas.  A County in which more than half of precincts remain vacant. Robert West’s crucial information in his book and his speech presentations are immensely valuable. The lessons are vital in directing grassroots to take back their counties by providing a plan to fill empty precinct chairs and start to hold our current elected official's promises to the truth test. I highly recommend both his book for guidance and scheduling Robert for an in-person visit to your clubs, events and county functions.