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Brewery (Drake Wines Book .3.)

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A fake relationship. Friends to lovers. A man with a lot to prove.

Caleb Drake is the youngest Drake sibling and he feels like he has to prove his worth. Not just to his siblings, Makenna and Logan and the family business but to Leila Phillips as well.

Caleb doesn’t want to be the ‘baby’ of the family anymore. He wishes that his brother and sister would give him the chance to show them what he’s capable of. He has an idea for the family business that could expand on what they already but he knows he has to have all his ducks in a row before he proposes building a brewery on Drake Wines. That’s where Leila comes into the picture.

Leila believes in Caleb and his idea for the brewery, she sees the man that his siblings haven’t found just yet. So, when a potential supplier invites Caleb to a weekend away that requires a ‘plus one’, Leila agrees to pretending to be his fiancé. They both agree, no-one ever has to know.

One thing leads to another and their secret explodes open in a fantastic manner, in front of their family and friends.

Can Leila and Caleb grab their happily ever with both hands or will they allow other people to crush their true feelings for each other?

BREWERY is the third book in the Drake Wines Series. It’s a steamy romance full of love and friendship that will take you on a ride alongside the characters. Fall in love with Leila and Caleb today!



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