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M A: Libido Stamina and Orgasms

Keeping sexually fit!
Poor sexual health due to sexual disorders is a major problem faced by many individuals in our society.
These sexual disorders can be in form of erectile dysfunction; ejaculation disorders such as, premature, retarded and retrograde ejaculation; vaginal dryness and hormonal imbalance; low libido; low sperm count and quality.
Some of these sexual disorders have caused infertility and impotence, which in turn have led to broken homes and relationships putting the affected individual in an inevitable state of depression.
This issue of sexual healthiness requires a positive approach so as to detect and treat disorders early enough and not shying away from it due to some environmental factors; the society we find ourselves in, leaving oneself at the mercy of wishful thinking that it “doesn’t really matter” or, “my partner will love me for who I am”. Funny enough, love isn’t blind but sees very well when it comes to issues relating to sexual performance. In fact, love has totally refused to be blind in this case, judging from people’s experiences.
In view of this, aphrodisiacs were sought after to ensure that issues relating to fertility and potency are taken care of. Some of these natural aphrodisiacs are derived from plants and can be administered raw or indirectly through supplements, without posing no serious side effects to the human body unlike synthetics.
This book is here to create awareness about the importance of having a positive approach to issues regarding sexual health and performance, listing out several natural aphrodisiacs and their powerful effects on our sexual well being with vivid pictorial illustrations.
Relax and explore various aphrodisiac foods, mechanisms behind their boost to your sexual health and how they save you from that embarrassment and depression.
These foods not only boost your sexual health but also contribute to the general well being of the body.

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