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Meditation Scripts for Kids

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"Just relax" scripts aren't going to cut it for kids...

Meditations and kids often seem like the most improbable of pairings. 

With their inquisitive minds and high energy, it can be difficult to hold their attention spans for meditation... 

This is why Marvellous Meditations for Kids scripts think outside the box. 

Because they're not like us, adults. 

They need meditations that feed their hungry minds and capture their attention!

Help children learn how to harness their meditative superpowers with fun, interactive and beautifully designed custom-written scripts that engage their magical minds through stories, adventures, games and more!

Check out the FAQs for more information on this service, or message me if you have any questions! 

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Athena blew me away with the quality and innovative scripts she wrote. I hadn't had much success finding engaging meditations for children, so honestly, I wasn't expecting anything close to what she delivered. Meditation time in my classroom has become something me and my pupils really look forward to in the morning and afternoon! From me and all my class, thank you, Athena!

— J. Serrano

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After landing a job abroad, I wanted to gift my kids something special for the months I'm not around and commissioned Athena to write some personalised meditation scripts for me to record for them. Not only did she deliver beautiful scripts but went out of her way to guide me through recording them and then edited them into high-quality audios that my kids absolutely adore!

— C. Brunswick


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