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I’ve loved Tom Williams for most of my life, but always in secret. He was my brother Bohdan’s best friend, and we’re the reason Boh is dead. Years have passed, but the truth about us, about what happened that night, is all still a secret. One we’ve kept from everyone.

One I wish I could keep from myself.

I knew Tom would be at the family reunion. I even knew we’d end up in bed. What Tom doesn’t know is that the husband he thinks waits for me at home is soon going to be my ex-husband…which means that finally, after all this time, Tom and I could have a chance to make what’s always been between us into something real.

I love Tom, but I’m afraid it’s too late for us.

Time can’t save a marriage.

Time can’t unbreak a heart.

Time can get me to the edge of the dock…but it cannot make me jump.
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