Brief Service Outage

We experienced a short down time between 5.48am to 11.00am (GMT).

Our hosting provider (Media Temple) generously upgraded the RAM for our Payhip servers and this required a reboot. However, after the reboot which was almost instantaneous, our application failed to startup after the reboot. The problem had to be resolved by manually starting our application.

We apologies for this and we have put certain procedures to stop this from happening again.

  • Ryan Williams

    Thanks for the update. A few questions, and comments? This is an interesting start. There are a few gaps in the website, things that would make the site seem more polished than it is currently, that I thought I might mention. The links on the Terms page for FAQ and How It Works don’t go anywhere except the main page. The Termination Form mentioned in the Terms doesn’t appear to exist (and isn’t linked to from the Terms). And one of the biggest gaps I see is a complete lack of information about who you are? Other than ‘made in London’ there’s no information whatsoever. It’d be really nice if you’d introduce yourselves, say a little bit about who you are, why you’ve created Payhip, and that sort of thing. Anyway, nice start. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes!

    • payhip

      Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for the comment and useful criticisms!

      We are actually going to be introducing our new site design plus the introduction of our Pro accounts. With this, we will have full about section with company address and more info about the awesome people that work at Payhip!

      Those broken links and functionality will be fixed ASAP.


      • Natalie

        Sounds Great Tom!
        I just tried using my “pin it” for my download, doesn’t work… I see tweet… maybe you will have a Pinterest button for us to use in your new site design also…
        Looking forward to all your greatness!!!
        Super Pleased to have found you.

  • Billy

    Is this site still functioning? Had no reply from an email or contact through the web. Very quiet out there…

  • Billy

    Billy again. Had to reupload to update as update wouldn’t work (may have been my browser) and ran a test to purchase and download, payment didn’t go through and download didn’t work – got a message saying I had exceeded my download attempts, yet clicked it once.

  • Billy

    In fairness I thought I ought to post again to report accurately. The problem with paypal was at my end. After I’d sorted that out, payment went through first time. So as far as payments go, it worked like a charm,

  • Billy

    Thanks Tom for your email re my posts. Everything is working great now (all the problems I had were caused by my browser and my own ignorance about how paypal works for accepting payments).The site is a wonderful.

  • Paja

    how to sell e book if I do not use facebook and twitter for share, i have website. and is it works on the principle linklok extensions, after paying customer download e-book