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Top Ebook Topic Ideas in 2022: What do readers want?

Last updated: August 18, 2022

Writing ebooks (or to be more accurate, selling ebooks) is a great way to establish a passive income stream. And if your aim is to earn money it helps to be in tune with the ebook topics people most want to read. So what are the most popular ebook topic ideas in 2022?

A good place to start is to think about how people’s lives are changing. How have we been affected by recent events? For one thing, people are reading more ebooks. Sales of consumer ebooks rose 17% in the first half of 2020.

As well as having more time to read, the pandemic made us more aware of our immune systems. General health and wellbeing are topics many people want to know more about. Also, let’s be honest, a few of us packed on a bit of extra lockdown weight that we’re now keen to shed. There’s a rich vein of popular ebook topics to start with!

Learning how to work productively from home without the discipline of an office routine is a new experience for many. So too is the idea of having free time when you find yourself liberated from the the slog of the daily commute. Plenty of trending ebook topics in there.

Pet ownership soared during lockdown. And many people found the whole business of looking after and training their new pets way harder than they imagined. They want help and advice.

The other big issue on many minds is climate change. While we can’t change the world, we can change our own habits and make better choices. Could your next ebook help?

2022 Top Ebook Topics

Using this approach, broad subject areas for popular 2022 ebook topics include:

  • Health, fitness and dieting
  • Working from home and time management
  • Looking after pets
  • Crafts and Hobbies
  • Natural Remedies
  • Sustainability and carbon reduction

If you have something helpful to say in any of these areas there’s a willing audience waiting to hear from you.

A great tool to help further narrow down these topics is Google trends. You can see how different topics popularity has changed over time and even at country level.

Time to Get Specific

Successful ebooks have a narrow focus. For the reader there’s a clear promise about what they’ll learn or how they’ll benefit.

So, rather than general diet advice, people search for specific ebook topics such as Keto Diets, Gluten-Free Foods, Vegan Diets or Dairy-Free Cooking.

Top ebook topics in 2022 also reveal plenty of interest in allergies, natural remedies, essential oils, meditation and mindfulness.

In the work from home category people want ebook topics that will help them be more productive. They also want to know about how to earn secondary incomes from blogging, affiliate marketing, selling and, of course, writing ebooks.

Pet owners will only be interested in the specific pet they have – and probably a particular issue (such as behaviour or chewing furniture). Dog training is a hot ebook topic. As is anything that offers to help people understand cats a bit better.

An ebook offering advice on lifestyle changes that help to reduce our personal carbon footprint would also be a good seller in the current climate.

Target the Title

The success of your ebook has a lot to do with the title. This comes back to what we said about making a specific promise.

‘Lose Your Lockdown Pounds in 30 Days’ will get more downloads than ‘How to Lose Weight.’

‘20 Foods That Boost Your Natural Immunity’ would draw in more people than ‘How to Eat a Healthier Diet’.

Other profitable ebook title formats include:

  • x Ways to…
  • The Ultimate Guide to…
  • The Step-By-Step Guide to…
  • How to Achieve X in Y Days
  • 10 Must Have…
  • 10 Things the Experts Don’t Tell You About…

If your ebook lives up to the promise you’ll get great reviews, recommendations from your readers and more sales.

Getting Started

If there’s something you know a lot about there are almost certainly people out there looking to learn. If the subject fits with the most popular ebook topics in 2022 you know there’s an audience waiting. There are over 7.5bn people in the world – if only a tiny fraction of these download your ebook you’ll do very nicely indeed.

It could be that you have a lot of existing material that you’ve published on your blog. Pull all of this together, organise and edit it so that it has a very specific focus, give it a snappy title – and away you go. Your first ebook is ready to load to your Payhip store.

If you’re now convinced that you have a great ebook topic, now could be the time to find out more about how to write an ebook. And once you have written your ebook sell it on Payhip!


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