Peter Miller

Peter is passionate about helping others develop alternative ways of understanding life problems, relational difficulties, and recurring emotional pain and suffering. He is an advocate for those struggling with mental health issues, and likewise a teacher and therapist for those prepared to discover how to release themselves from unnecessary suffering.

Peter achieved his Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2008. He has been studying psychology since 1997 and honing skills as a mental health practitioner since 2009. After years of learning and practice experience, he has developed a keen understanding of the internal and external dynamics of commonly experienced mental health disorders.

Peter recognizes that many of the contributing factors to mental health disorder often go unrecognized, misunderstood and mismanaged, and that this results in increasing, persisting and worsening difficulties over time. Peter believes the general understanding of mental health issues in society is inadequate, hence the strong need for information and awareness programs like BreakAway MHE.

Peter has an intimate understanding of mental health difficulty because he has experienced it himself and learned how to make improvements. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is Peter’s chosen area of specialty because this was his primary diagnosis. He knows the difficulty of BPD and how it does not discriminate between sex, race, social status, or any other orientation of life.

Peter fully understands the feelings of guilt and shame that often accompanies mental health difficulty. At the same time, he knows that learning breeds compassion and that this opens the door for adjusting the life experience. He has guided many in his practice towards a place of improved self-awareness and functioning as he teaches application of the same concepts and skills he has applied to himself.