Dimitrinka Staikova

MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR- Mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova is famous clairvoyant/psychic from Varna,Bulgaria,Europe with 24 years of experience and clients all over the world. She needs only actual photo or video record of face or event about psychic reading/clairvoyant consultation. She is working also with Skype Video Chat on Skype-dika.staikova. During the consultation,she does NOT allow to the clients to talk and to share his problems with her-She is the only one who is speaking 10 minutes.The client can ask questions ONLY in the end of the psychic reading. Mrs.Staikova thinks that this is One of the things that differ the REAL clairvoyants from these people that first interrogate their client,and after that they are talking to him. Contact mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova on skype -dika.staikova www.facebook.com/dimitrinka.staikova www.facebook.com/dimitrinka.staikova.5 TWITER-@Dstaikova http://sites.google.com/site/dimitrinkastaikova