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Now you don't have to wait for a disc or flash drive to arrive in the mail. You can get your Clarinet Institute Music Archive collection immediately sent to your computer with our digital downloads. Just a few things you need to know:

1. These are huge .zip files. Make sure you have enough room on your hard drive before you start your download. Also, if you don't know what a .zip file is or how to work with one, do your research before you download.

2. Do not attempt to download to a smartphone. For some reason, smart phones are generally not happy with digital downloads of large files. They usually cause corrupted downloads.

3. Only attempt to download from a corded connection or a strong WIFI connection at home. Don't try to download at Starbucks..... Public WIFI is notoriously unreliable. All it takes is one lost bit to cause a download to fail.

If you have a strong WIFI or corded connection at home these digital downloads are a great way to get you digging through your music archives right now!

Clarinet - Sound Files for WW5


Clarinet MP3 Recordings


Clarinet Sheet Music, Vols. 1 and 2


Clarinet Sheet Music, Vols. 1 through 4


Clarinet Sheet Music, Vols. 3 and 4


Clarinet Sheet Music, Volume 1


Clarinet Sheet Music, Volume 2


Clarinet Sheet Music, Volume 3


Clarinet Sheet Music, Volume 4


Clarinet Sound Files, Vol. 1


Clarinet Sound Files, Vol. 2


Flute - Sound files for WW5


Flute Sheet Music, Volume 1


Flute Sheet Music, Volume 2


Flute Sheet Music, Volume 3


The Archivists

At the Clarinet Institute Music Archives, it's all about archiving. That's what we do best! We collect music. LOTS of music. Our goal is to save and protect both old and new sheet music for future generations.

Right now there are millions of pages of old sheet music out there in the world. It is all just sitting there, rotting in boxes in the backs of closets and garages. As time passes, that number will decrease dramatically. As musicians age and move on, their music collections will do the same. We have worked hard to save thousands of pages of music from the ravages of time, but we have only made a small dent and our work has really just begun.

Of course, saving the music doesn't do anybody any good unless people get to see and use the music. That's where you come in. When you buy IMA archives you are not only helping to preserve music for the future, you are also helping to fund this valuable project so we can continue saving more music in the future.

Digital Downloads

Here is where you can find digital downloads for The Clarinet Institute Music Archives.

If you want to find flash drive or disc versions of these archives you can go HERE