Gary Davis a.k.a. Coka Gramz, is a local Cleveland artist, manager, engineer, producer, and entrepreneur. He is the President/ C.E.O. of Studio 5k Enterprises, LLC. and is continuing to build his brand daily within the music and entertainment industry. At the young age of 12, Coka found inspiration from Tupac Shakur to begin writing and rapping. From listening to his music, Coka developed Tupac’s lyrical style. By adding a unique Cleveland spin on it, Coka and many others began to realize he has a gift, a true talent. The continuous metaphors in his lyrics are all inspired by true life experiences, fame, uncut and raw pain, and triumph over the struggle of hustling to provide for his family which was only created from growing up in the streets. His fans have said what sets him apart from other artists in the industry is the fact that he gives the best of the street essence, nothing is exaggerated or fabricated and if someone wants to know about the struggle and what’s happening on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, they should listen to Coka’s music. At the age of 17, Coka was introduced to engineering by Bear on the Beats and had his first introduction from Up-Town Studio in Cleveland, Heights, Ohio. From that moment on he has excelled in the craft of mixing and mastering music and producing beats for himself and other various artists. With many years of experience, networking in the industry, and having a 24 hour available recording studio, Coka has met several remarkable individuals and artists in the national and local music industry. Some have mentored him to achieve the success he has today. Now many artists look up to him as a personal mentor, an artist motivator, and trust him to take them to the next level in the music industry. Coka now manages several artists under his own label. He is also affiliated and has collaborated with several artists and management staff from various independent and major companies, such as, Ray Cash, TEMG, Money Up Front, and SMF. He has also done numerous events, from 21 Lounges, opened for MGK at Peabody’s, to Earth Night Club, and many more. ​ Coka is continuing in a positive direction and credits much of his motivation to his “family” at Studio 5k Enterprises. They drive him on a daily basis to keep impacting lives through his musical talent. He also believes in giving back to his community and is hoping to open a youth program for teens who have an interest in the music industry. He tries to deter the youth from being lost in the streets by encouraging them to pour whatever pain, sadness, anger, and aggression they have into their music and vent in the studio. ​ Gary Davis, a.k.a. Coka Gramz has an amazing talent and invites everyone to check out his music. (Graphics provided by