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The mystic living foods * Raw Enric


Tònics medicinals vivents * Raw Enric


Trucs d'estil de vida naturalístics


Una casa saludable i vitalitzant


About Me

My name is Enric. I love nature, nutrition and holistic living. I live a Raw and Vegan lifestyle. I am from Catalonia, Spain.

In my early twenties i started my journey to health, when i realized how cruicial it was to be in the healthiest possible way in your temple body. A surge inside of me directed me to the truths of a true healthy life, ways of true joy and happiness. Those energies showed me the most amazing ways of connecting with your mind, soul, and body, through using nature at its finest. I realised that raw living foods are the physical answer to healing the body in order to unveil the infinite love of the spirit.