Daily Inspirationals

henever life seems to bring me down, when everything seems to be not working according to plans, I always make it a point to find ways to inspire myself. I mostly turn to reading and try to find stories with themes and topics similar to what I was going through . I try to learn and absorb the morals of each story and apply it to my present situation. Such habit helped me through my difficult times growing up and bouyed me through school and now, while raising my own big family. I’ve come to love short inspirational stories over the years. They are, of course, short and very easy to digest. Perfect for someone whose time is very limited, and almost always dedicated to finding the daily keep (I have a big family to feed, remember? ). Short stories, specially based on real-life experiences, not only deliver the message to you directly. They, with the author’s experiences, help you better understand life. Short inspirational stories tell you that YOU are not traveling this path alone. You are not the only one facing and braving life’s occasional blows. We are many. . It is easier to find quality reading materials now compared to those days when I was growing up. You just have to search the internet and “rummage over the piles”. You just need to find time to do it. However, time is not always available for most of us. Others problem is patience going through the searching process. Which brings me to the reason why you are holding this Inspirational CD book, and reading it right now. Over the years I have collected and compiled a lot of these short stories from all over the world. These compilations from open sources were carefully organized and classified according to topics, edited, and put into CD Book format for those who doesn’t have the time to browse. Just plug and play as they say. We give due credit to the original sources, and have included here all the applicable information they provided. We thank them and God for sharing their inspiration and their stories. So enjoy, and may you find what you need here today. May you be TOUCHED. May you be INSPIRED.