Dennis K W

My name is Dennis Karanja W and I am the author of the book, Redeeming Your Lost Blessings and two other titles, Approaching the Throne of Grace and Learn the Most

Effective Ways of Making Prayers that Get Answered. I have also written a few other titles for my clients and numerous training materials. I am the director of Eword Publishers, a publishing firm whose aim is to train and offer consultancy services to upcoming authors and writers. Before focusing on books, I used to write content in genres such as web content writing, copywriting, creative writing, SEO, article writing, blog writing, and copy editing. I currently write books on the subjects of Christian Spiritual Walk, Christian Living, Creative Writing and General Productivity.

There is an 85% chance that you are who you are right now because you’ve been barred by Seven Universal Barriers mainly based on where and how you were born and brought up. The aim of this book is to illuminate these barriers, show you exactly how they affect humanity, and how to re-discover God’s initial blueprint for your life. It marks a step by step path through which you can redeem God’s divine blessing regardless of the limitations that have previously kept you from living your best life now.