Life By Design

Valencia Griffin-Wallace is a wife, mother, and a LIFESTYLE DESIGNER. She teach women how to embrace their BOLD. BRAVE OPTIMISTIC LIFE by DESIGN. She knows the difference between being a woman who runs from her strength and in turn ruins her life and a woman who embraces it. She believes teaching women how to embrace their BOLD and recognize they were created to create, she is helping them overcome the stumbling blocks in life. Valencia is also an author. Both LIFE REQUIRED and DIVAISMS are her books that are available on Amazon. She also blogs for SWAGHER magazine using her character Lil Valencia. She is not on the HOST and CREATOR of the DEFINE YOU SERIES, she also owns Life By Design. After losing over 80 pounds of not only physical weight, but mental weight, she realized the power she had inside. She pulled some BOLD moves in her own life and reclaimed herself. Through her coaching and the DEFINE YOU SERIES, she is able to be the guide God created her to be. “You can be EXCEPTED or EXCEPTIONAL, there is no in between.”