The Donkey Listener

Welcome to my shop! My name is Angelia Silvera, aka, The Donkey Listener. I'm a donkey trainer in southeast TN. I'm also Licensed Esthetician and family herbalist.

I've been keeping and training donkeys since 2011.
In 2015, I started rescuing donkeys from kill pens to rehabilitate and train them for basic handling, riding and driving.
I was honored to be a featured guest speaker for the Homegrown Food Network on the subject of milking donkeys in 2017.
In 2019, I started a Donkey Training membership group to help people understand how to train and communicate with their donkeys. It has received good reviews and helped many people with their donkeys.
I'm also a featured guest trainer on Horse Tricks Academy, featured on Hobby Farms website for August 2020, my book Essential Oils for Donkeys ranked #1 on Amazon when it was released in it's category. 

I want people to be successful with their donkeys, their training goals and know the joy of having their 'dream donkeys' like I do. I'm devoted to creating resources to help donkeys and their owners everywhere!

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I believe the donkey is a long overlooked animal that has many uses. It's a sure-footed riding mount, calm driving partner, willing farm helper, and amazing hiking companion.

There is nothing like a donkey!