Dr. Frank Kiong

Dr. Frank is the founder of Dare to Change Academy (D2C), a company that helps people and organizations deal with change. As a highly-sought-after business and motivational speaker, Dr. Frank is a dynamic presenter that shares stories, concepts and anecdotes from the heart concerning the fundamentals of human behavior, which he believes, motivates every person and also drives businesses success. Unperturbed by his poor village upbringing, Dr. Frank chose to be successful against all odds. Dr. Frank’s life experiences illuminate key points as he shares his powerful message and introduces numerous concepts and anecdotes from his books, Dare to Change and It’s Now or Never. Dr. Frank’s mission is to motivate and train younger generations to be great achievers and leaders by cultivating a positive attitude and never abandoning hope. Many have experienced Dr. Frank’s unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary everyday principles and events while experiencing how individual success is determined by the size of each individual’s belief. So get ready to step into the world of Dr. Frank and realize just how amazing you and your organization can be! Dr. Frank never fails to motivate others to become the success they are destined to experience.