dr Mauro Pappolla

Mauro Pappolla has dedicated most of his life studying how to improve people's quality of life by: Zen, Pragmatic Philosophy, Yoga, Japanese Martial Arts (Bujutsu), Naturopathic and Osteopathic Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis And NLP. Today he works as holistic trainer (Yoga, Martial Arts), Therapist (naturopath, Osteopath, Psychotherapist) and self-help books Author. Some of his own qualifications: - Martial Arts Master Black Belt of Bujutsu/Jujutsu (7th Dan), Shoot-Boxe (4th Dan), Karate/Taekwond/Kickboxing (4th Dan). Personal student of  Ko Ai Ryu Bujutsu Gran Master Fabiano Savino (9th Dan)  From 1990 Till 2000. - Wellness/Fitness trainer: Personal, Gym, Functional, Cardiovascular, Sport And Strength Contioning, Stretching, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Gymnastics From 2005/2008. - Naturopathy/Natural Medicine Expert: Applied Kinesiology, Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Energy Psychology, Vibrational Healing Thecniques From 2005