Xunming Du

Professor Du was the recipient of the Regents Creative Activities Awards on March 2, 2018. This award, established in 1993 by the Regents, recognizes significant accomplishments which bring recognition, as well as national and international stature, to the Nevada System of Higher Education. Du’s other publications include “A Note of Wavelet Variance”, which is in the journal of Communications in Statistics Theory and Methods in 2008.

Professor Du has been working in Great Basin College for more than sixteen years. His students say that Professor Du’s web intersection is the best since the students took the online classes.  Professor Du believes it is very important for students to see how mathematical questions need to be worked out step by step. Professor Du has made more than eight hundred video clips. Static teaching notes may not really help students to learn mathematics. The graphs in his teaching notes are animated. All the work eventually ends up with the innovative eBooks, which is recognized by the Nevada State of Higher Education. Besides videos and animations, the eBook has other great features, such as graph toggling, table sorting, assignment auto grading and so on. Please download one Chapter free sample provided by the website. Readers will not hesitate to purchase one after seriously reviewing the Chapter. Please note Adobe Reader is needed to see all features. The features work well in both Apple computers and the computers with Window system.

The eBooks have provided students with an innovative way to learn mathematics. Teachers may utilize the unique features in the eBook to help their class presentations. The contents fit college students as well as high school students, adult learners. The contents may help students to prepare standardized tests SAT or ACT.