Michael Pierre de Villiers

Michael de Villiers trained to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) class 1 meteorologist standard, he is currently employed as a meteorologist in The Weather Company in England having previously worked as an aviation forecaster at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Prior to this he worked in various meteorological disciplines in various cities in the South African Weather Service, specialising in aviation forecasting. Michael has also served on WMO expert teams, as WMO "raporteur" Africa Region and official government delegate to the International Civil Aviation Organization, Abuja 1997. He has a PhD, MSc and MDip in Meteorology, is a Fellow of the Royal Metrological Society and Charted Meteorologist, as well as an ex-Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating and Flying Instructor. In addition he has lectured trainee Meteorologists, airline Commercial Pilots and airline dispatchers. Michael obtained sea experience serving as a meteorologist on a weather ship in the South Atlantic.