Sarah Lotter - Sheriff Training Systems

Dynamite Training | Biokineticist | Online coach | Internationally Sponsored Fitness Bikini Athlete My fitness journey began when I hung up my Ultra marathon running shoes, in exchange for crop tops, leggings and deadlifts. My passion for lifting weights and sculpting my body grew, and before I knew it I was placing in the top 5 in all the fitness shows I entered. With determination , discipline, the help of my incredible coach Jack Lotter, and belief in myself I became an internationally sponsored Fitness Bikini Athlete. I have always been involved in the health and fitness industry and I'm passionate in helping others overcome not only injury or chronic disease, but become better and more improved versions of themselves. My favourite saying is “start as you mean to go on.” In other words, if you want something, plot out a path to achieve it. Make a dream a reality and it soon becomes a goal. Thats how you learn to achieve YOUR "impossible."