Greg Winfield

My name is Greg Winfield. I’m a former LA County Deputy Sheriff. I’m currently a blogger and an online entrepreneur. My part-time income endeavors began in 1995. I realized that being my own boss and running my own business was something that was absolutely for me. I’ve known this since I knocked on my neighbors’ door and sold my first box of Christmas cards in Middle School. Even in my adult years while working, I always seemed to have some sort of side business going on, whether online or otherwise. I’m proud to say that I work from home full-time now, but arriving at this place of freedom didn’t happen for me overnight. Having the drive to be in charge of my life and not be a slave to an employer made me blind to shady people and various unscrupulous business opportunities over the years. I made a lot of mistakes and I blew a lot of money over the years in my quest to find the right business opportunity. But along with the mistakes, I also learned a lot about business, particularly online business. It’s this knowledge that’s the driving force behind this ebook. To walk the same road and step in the same potholes that someone else has already stepped in is foolishness. If I can show just a handful of people a simpler, easier and less expensive way to succeed in affiliate marketing, the time spent putting this ebook together will have been well worth it.