Roger Edwards | Edvardson Publishing

For nearly three years I attended a weekly support group founded by Dennis and Beth Lawson. This group changed my life. At the end of each group meeting we stood, held hands, and read an inspirational poem and closed with "Keep coming back. It works if you work it". I remembered having a stack of motivational and inspirational life poems in a box in my closet. I collected these poems, many with anonymous or unknown authors, over time as a college student. I brought a photocopy of a handful of my favorite poems and we began reading these at the weekly group meeting. Each week I ran out of copies and each week I included more poems in the packet. On a whim I created a cover page for the packet and called it "The Little Things and Such" because my favorite poem in my collection is named The Little Things. Two dear friends, Elizabeth and Stella, both counselors by profession, mentioned that were using the photocopied poems in their sessions and asked reflection questions to create conversation with their clients. When they mentioned this to me, a light bulb lit up in my head, and the idea for the The Little Things and Such project was born. The book's design was inspired by Beth, our group's co founder, who lost her battle to cancer in 2011. She loved butterflies and The Little Things and Such book cover was designed in her honor. More than five years in the making, I am proud to announce that The Little Things and Such project is complete. I tell others "I am so grateful for the idea that used me", for these books were inspired by something far grater than myself. It's my sincere hope that The Little Things and Such books inspire, motivate, and encourage you as much as they do me.