Eloy has been a New Yorker since age seven, when his family relocated to the South Bronx from Ecuador. Currently he maintains a studio in the Hunts Point part of the Bronx. In 1993, he graduated from Parsons University with a degree in Fine Arts and also one in Education. He works as a Teacher in order to support his artistic endeavors. Chavez works primarily as a studio artist, experimenting with color, shape and form. His earlier work deals mainly in abstractions, while his newer work focuses on realism, incorporating photography. He does some work outside of the studio environment attempting to extend his work as an artist into activism, benefiting the area in which he resides. At this point in his life he wants to give back to the neighborhoods that have fostered his creativity. Through developing plans to involve community members in an artistic effort to raise awareness: concerning socio-economic issues, Washington Chavez is an essential asset to his community. Some of his work specifically addresses creating an air of surrealism in the everyday. His newer pieces feature photographs of various Bronx landmarks. He develops these rough ideas into paintings, removes them from their original context, and suspends time and space. He has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions in galleries throughout New York City over the last ten years. Thank You,