Rainbow Valley

I am Helen Free and I design unique crochet patterns under the name of Enfys. Enfys (pronounced Enn-viss) is Welsh for Rainbow and, as you can tell from my designs, I love Rainbows and colour. I was born and bred in South Wales, in and around Cardiff but in the New Year of 2004 moved to Cambridgeshire, England. I started crocheting as a child, my Dad taught me. I was never very serious about it. I got back into it in my early 20’s. I had just bought a house, couldn’t afford to go out and needed something to occupy my evenings. I started getting requests for items I had made and, in an effort to make ends meet when the interest rates went sky high, decided to make items to sell. I hadn’t even considered there would be a market for the patterns until I started getting requests for them. I was always good at just “making things up as I went along” and never thought of it as designing until I discovered the wonderful world of crochet online. I met a group of lovely ladies who encouraged me to write down my designs and sell them. My first pattern, the Rainbow Afghan, was a success and still remains my best seller. I love designing things for children and there are now a whole load of bright and cheerful puppet patterns to choose from, as well as some garden sized games. My alphabet mobiles were featured in “Inside Crochet” in 2011.