I am a 20-something who aspires to become a lawyer, and write at least one book, do not know yet what, that is the fnny thing; and one who also dreams about designing clothes and perfumes, to have her very own brand, and much more unbelievably strange dreams. I am in love with chocolate, sunsets, tattoos, and some fictional characters. I have on tattoo in latin, but its meaning is secret [I will tell if we become bff though :P] and I want to get more. I fall in the profile of an introvert, but I always enjoy hanging out with people who have the power to lift me up and make me a better, smarter person that I am. I am not interested in negative people, or thoughts, as I tend to see beauty at every single thing that catches my eye. These hubs are, therefore, about beauty, life, law, facts, approaching and taking care of relationships and of course anything that gets my attention to be worth it. Happy reading :) See you in my next ebook, xoxo, E.