Harry S. Heydon

Rev. Heydon is the Chairperson of Peniel Mustard Seed Foundation NGO - CEO of wefundyoubiz.com Global Crowd Funding platform - Pastor of Peniel Chapel and an Internet Entrepreneur. He is also a twice awarded NEDBANK Local Hero (Service to the Community) and He and His Wife Esther are recipients of the Unashamedly Ethical 2015 award for 'Clean Living and Ethical Business Practices' Harry First began venturing into Internet Entrepreneurship in 2009 just after his 60th birthday. At the time he knew absolutely nothing about computers and the Internet and as far as he was concerned cyberspace may just as well have been outer space! His wife Esther taught him basic computer and typing skills and this was followed by around 600 hours of intense research by Harry into what did and did not work as far as Internet business was concerned. "I soon exploded the myth of easy money" he explained. "There is just as much learning involved concerning on line enterprise as there is for Brick and mortar business, but on line is much quicker and more convenient" He also found that around 96% of people fail to make money online, but that the remaining 4% produce around 200,000 new millionaires each month. Harry has a mission to teach entrepreneurs to be in the top 4%