Fedor Simonov

Fedor was born on July 8, 1985 in Tyumen, Western Siberia, Russia. From his school age, he was suffering from strabismus. Thanks to his mother who taught him few simple exercises, he did not end up wearing glasses or lenses. At that time, he realized that natural eyesight recovery was a real thing. After graduation from the university in 2007, Fedor joined international software development project in Geophysics as a developer managed by the UK and US offices. Because of the time difference, he had to work on the computer for 12-14 hours a day (sometime from 9:00 to 23:00). It was a real busy time for the project. Soon Fedor noticed that his vision was dramatically deteriorating. Happily, at that time Fedor also started learning Qigong (ancient Chinese art of self-regulation of the body, the traditional healing system, the basis of the internal styles of martial arts). The practice of Qigong helped him to not only avoid wearing glasses or lenses but also get a very good health, a lot of physical forces and energy. Success in the project motivated him to learn Qigong more. He studied Qigong from the original Chinese Master, also Djun-Yuang Qigong and a lot of modern authors and systems. Since 2008, Fedor started to give his own workshops and trainings in Qigong and created his own natural eyesight recovery method called “Eye-diamond”. The method developed very quickly and now it includes Qigong, eye-muscles relaxation, Daos massage, yoga, vibrational anti stress gymnastics, autogenic training, affirmations and meditation, balanced nutrition. Fedor became an expert in self-development systems, the natural recovery of the body, author of more than 30 unique workshops and courses, 2 books about natural eyesight recovery. At the same time, his eyesight is 20/15 (150%). In 2015, Fedor has founded his online school of the natural eyesight recovery “Eye-diamond” for adults and children. Nowadays Fedor is a resident speaker at many local (Russia) and international conferences, training centers all around the globe. The key of success and effectiveness of his “Eye-diamond” method is an integrational and system approach to the eyesight recovery.