Fireside Parliament Publishing & Consulting

Fireside Parliament Publishing & Consulting is directed by Anne Mackie-Morelli and Claudio Morelli. As successful educators for over 35 years they both believe that individuals, organizations, families and communities can grow, transform and thrive through faith and love. Currently Anne and Claudio are using their extensive experience as leaders to serve, lead, teach and mentor individuals, groups and organizations. They also share their thoughts, reflections and insights through their accomplished blogs The Stones Call, A Sacred Exchange and Leadership is Heart. Anne and Claudio bring extensive experience and professionalism to each and every project. When you, your organization or community require the services of a professional consultant, facilitator, presenter, mentor or writer, consider engaging the professional services of Anne and Claudio Morelli of Fireside Parliament Publishing & Consulting. To set up a consultation contact Anne or Claudio to enquire whether our services are right for you, your family or your organization.