Richard Sanders at Cracker Books

Keith Sanders, a “Yorkshireman”, was nominated in the 1990’s for an entry in the Martin Miller reference journal “BEST OF BRITISH MEN”. Keith is an authority on the behaviour of animals...particularly Horses...and was ‘press ganged’ into the animal way of life by his family in about 1975. Originally a newspaperman (of the old school), Keith has also encountered life in the guise of a motor car and heavy commercial vehicle salesman; “general line salesman” for the Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company; transport manager, and finally as a mobile crane driver before returning to newspapers as a photojournalist in the 1980’s. More recently (in 1988), he began the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre ( a unique enthralling and thrilling experience for all ages) in rural partnership with his wife Ruth (a Lincolnshire lass). Keith is a confirmed Christian and BBC Television “Songs of Praise” visited the Centre in 1995. At the centre “today” (a Registered Charity and sanctuary for horses needing special care) the animals are encouraged to develop their own characters. They provide the entertainment for several thousand visitors every year. Keith retired in 2008 after snapping his Achilles tendon and is continuing his lifetime as a “raconteur” with a series of books and audio stories illustrating his unusual way of life!