Fun, Fab, & Freedom Coaching & Consulting

Demetrius is known as "The Lady who never meets a stranger." Due to her innate ability to put others at ease with her presence. It enables her to easily build deep connections with those that cross her path. She is the lady that strangers turn to in line at the grocery store to share intimate details of their life such as personal crisis, worries, fears, big dreams just to name a few. The conversation almost always end with the other person saying, "I am not sure why I am telling you all this, you must think I am crazy. As Demetrius smiles and offers words of wisdom or quick questions to help them further explore. Demetrius is super passionate about teaching others the necessary tools needed to masterfully create a life that they jump out of bed for with immense joy to recreate again. Her bliss is helping others breakthrough challenges and achieve their wildest dreams. With over 10 years of experience, she has uncovered the secrets to helping her clients experience long-term transformation. By getting in touch with who they really are, discovering what is keeping them stuck in the hamster wheel, deep diving into their fears, and profound healing work in less than 4 months to break through to the other side. Demetrius offers supportive, compassionate, and straightforward services. Together you all will be able to cut through the BS to uncover the root cause of the issue that has been holding you back, keeping you stuck, and pretending you are happy when deep down you are a red-hot mess. Her belief is that getting to the raw, uncut, truth of the issue must happen for real long-term transformation to happen and remain. As a result, Demetrius has helped countless individuals develop a better relationship with self, be their own boss, learn to love and allow love, increase self esteem/confidence, forgive past hurts, heal childhood traumas and most importantly live the life they used to dream about. As a Personal Development Transformation Coach, Demetrius has a rich history as a practicing therapist, counselor, case management, instructor, and business leader. Experience from each professional arena had given Demetrius a unique skills set to better serve you. Over the last 7 years Demetrius has...... Graduated with an Masters of Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Practiced as a mental health therapist Went from working as a therapist to supervising therapist and other staff in leadership roles such as Site Manager and Director of Operations Enjoyed being an instructor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Interviewed live on WLXU 93.9 radio station Hosted workshops and spoke at a number of events Personally, Demetrius is the happy mother of one incredible son and the fiancé to a loving and supportive man. Her family resides in Lexington, KY.