Georgi Y. Johnson

Georgi Y. Johnson graduated from Oxford University with a determination to explore the mysteries of conscious awareness through mind, heart and body. Together with her partner Bart ten Berge she has an international teaching and healing practice in Nondual Therapy and Spiritual Psychology. Georgi’s other books include I AM HERE – Opening the Windows of Life & Beauty. This is a study for advanced meditators on the three subtle vibrations of perception: consciousness, awareness and emptiness (mind, heart, body). The study has had a transformational impact in liberating blind-spots in the psyche for spiritual seekers around the world. An active poet, Georgi’s work is also featured in several anthologies of spiritual poetry, including: Into the Further Reaches and Diamond Cutters. Georgi offers sessions for consultation and mentorship in person and online. Find out more here. You can find a diverse choice of inspiration at the I AM HERE website, as well as details of upcoming events, workshops and retreats around the world with Georgi and her partner Bart ten Berge.