About me I am born from a musical family. My father is musicologist and plays multiple musical instruments. L learned playing violin, flute and keyboard with him. I have two bothers Dr.Raghu&DrRavi; famous flute duo. MY younger brother is working in all India Radio as staff artist flutist and he is also writing in Tamil well known as Navaranjani Dr. Sridhar. I have two widow sisters and aged having children and grand childrens. I composed a few devotional music albums. I went to Saipan a part of USA, stayed there for five months and gave lecture and demonstration about Indian music. Later I went Malaysia for teaching violin, flute and keyboard. Even now I am teaching in online flute classes. I had enough free time, in between music programs and classes. This made me to think of writing, I wrote theory of Indian music in many Carnatic music sites. After that, I worked for Ikav technologies for writing regularly from my home, and receiving salary from that company substantially. I blogged in Ibibo company at their early stage, and reaching peak blogger and earning money directly from that company after this I started writing for many companies which has to be written with keywords. Even now I am writing for many companies and earning money from those companies. In blogs even I have covered many stories for children. Many international children read all my stories and my stories are read by many people, with many visitors. I have written two books, one is about music and it is published by music publishing company. This book is about music for learners and the other book is about the family life, name of the book is “Towards A Strong Family Bond- Ways And Means”. This book is written in English and this book is published by famous publisher Manimekalai Presuram. This book is available for sale in the book exhibitions and in general book shops. Apart from this many books are under writing as single person’s love and ends in suicide. One music one world is in progress. Anyone can contact me at my postal address: Govindarajan 37 Arimuthu achari street, Triplicane, Tamil Nadu Chennai 600005 My hand phone number 962721035 & whatsapp.