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The Bible Study Guide & Prayer Planner


Bible Study and Prayer Journal


Self-Care Planner: A Christian Guided Self-Care Journal and Planner


About Me

Grace Anyanwu is a Christian singer, minister, writer, entrepreneur, and author of I Choose to Wait. In 2016, Grace married her love and best friend, Dr. Miracle Anyanwu. She, alongside her husband, presides over various ministries such as Miracle Anyanwu Ministries (M.A.M), Wisdom Nuggets with Dr. Miracle, I Choose to Wait Movement (I.C.W.), Life-Impact Generations Outreach (L.I.G.O. Foundation), a non-profit charitable organization that blesses the lives of the impoverished with food, toiletries, clothing, and medical supplies and The Miracle Anyanwu Foundation (MAF), a non-profit charitable organization targeted primarily for the underprivileged in Africa. Grace loves encouraging and inspiring women to live boldly for Christ and she does that through the blog: Grace Encourages. She also enjoys ministering in song through her YouTube channel: Grace Encourages.

Outside of ministry, they love traveling, relaxing on the beach, writing, watching movies, bowling, and spending time with loved ones. They are blessed with three lovely children (a son and two daughters).