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Hailwood Advisory Services Ltd provides Human Resources services to employers without their own dedicated  HR Department.

We are a specialist employment law consultancy. We are a social enterprise with the aim of improving workplace relationships. We believe a contented workforce is a productive workforce, we provide Employment Law and Human Resources services to employers.

Our aim is the improvement of workplace harmony and we aim to achieve this by ensuring employers are aware of their legal obligations, “good practice” and have the correct documents and procedures in place.

We believe that a good working environment can lead to:

1. Increased production
2. Can avoid costly and time-consuming disputes arising in the workplace.
3. Can avoid successful Employment Tribunal claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination, and other matters by operating fair procedures.
4. We recognise employers need to cut costs wherever possible. However, cutting corners around employment legislation can be a costly mistake.
5. We believe our services provide a cost-effective solution in respect of employment law compliance.

Our services are designed for employers, employing less than 60 employees, without their own dedicated human resources department.

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On these pages, you will find various HR policies and documents:

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Richard Evans, director, and our lead consultant has spent the last 30 years working in the area of employment law. He has worked in the public sector for the Employment Tribunal Service and as a conciliator with ACAS. In the private sector, he has worked as an employment law consultant working both for an HR consultancy, offering retained services and on a self-employed basis. In recent years whilst working for several charities, he has represented claimants engaged in Employment Tribunal proceedings.

It was during this time, he realised that many smaller employers who had been unsuccessful at an Employment Tribunal, had not deliberately acted unlawfully but had not fully understood their legal obligations and the procedures they should have followed. This was largely due to the cost of obtaining HR and employment law advice.

Richard holds a master’s degree in employment law and has successfully completed the CILEX higher professional diploma in law and amongst other qualifications has been successful in obtaining a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice and an NOCN – Certificate in Workplace Mediation.

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