Health Chamber Oils

My Journey Aromatherapy was out of my vocabulary when it came to healing purposes. Growing up, I was taught of the convenience of having cocktail of antibiotics and over-the-counter drugs for my health problems. There was a period of time in my life that I slipped into deep depression. My relationship with my partner failed and my family was broken due to my father’s mounting debts. Financially I was strapped; emotionally I was drained; and it was an abyss that I could not get out of. As things fell apart around me, a good friend introduced me to aromatherapy, in the hope that it could help me. No words could describe my skepticism, and I did not heed his advice. He decided to diffuse the oils, and gradually I felt a change in my mood. Feeling better, I became curious of whether the oils could help in my other body ailments. Muscle aches, flu, minor cuts that I experienced – all seem to improve from the wonders of the oils! Since then, I have been conducting research about aromatherapy, and have not looked back. One may think that it is a personal choice of using aromatherapy for healing purposes, but if that were to create magic in your lives, would you not Believe? With love, Ken Jyong