Heart Entrepreneurs Association

Lovina Robinson and Tarra Flores Sloan created Heart Entrepreneurs as a community of dream achievers centered around mind, body, spirit, inner circle, community, business and world. Collaborators and members find resources for empowerment, business, health and wellness, growth mindset, educational resources, as well as attend events, retreats and have speaking opportunities. Members and their businesses are highlighted and featured as part of their membership. Lovina Robinson is an energy practitioner, is certified as a clinical and holistic practitioner as well as hypnotherapist with a Masters degree in education, has been a teacher, is now a Principal in an educational institution and her first book launches this year. Lovina is a wife and mother of three. Tarra Flores Sloan is a serial entrepreneur, two time #1 best selling author of Manifest It All, and Next Bold Move, and her latest book, Slay, Every Day, launches February of 2018. Tarra is contributing writer for Inspiring Lives national magazine, winner 2015 & 2016 Best of Thumbtack fro Professionals, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Business Journal, Ardent For Life Magazine and Modern Latina Magazine. Tarra has been a guest on Drinks With Jess talk show, Patricia LeBlanc TV Canada, Empowering Women talk show, and featured in #1 international best selling books Common Threads: Empowerment and 40 and Wiser and won numerous awards. Tarra is also a certified coach and energy therapy practitioner. Tarra is a wife and mother of three.