Heather Kaye, Violin


Violinist, educator, composer, entrepreneur, vibrational healer sparkled with a joie de vivre dedicated to aligning you to the violinist you most want to be.
An American violinist, born and raised Wisconsinite imprinted with an intense love for music, guided by heart and a passion  for performing, teaching and composition.

The violin has been the open door in my life to amazing people and different cultures. After performing ten years overseas inspiring me to transition my in person studio to an online studio, I am proud to say that I have touched and taught over a million violinists globally.

Through my award-winning online violin education blog, innovative online training academies, over 20 violin exercise books and an audience in 50 countries, I help violinists like you break down difficult techniques and confidently play musically with freedom of self expression – all with gorgeous tone. Your violin journey dreams backed up with practice organization and meaningful action to create results.